ITN Archive 2008

  • John F. Asmar appointed as new Province Epsilon Archon. The Supreme Council confirmed the appointment on February 7th, following the resignation of Daniel H. Gladding in mid-January. John is an attorney in Pensacola, Florida and serves as Chapter Advisor for Florida Sigma. He is also active on the Florida Sigma House Corporation and with the Pensacola Area Alumni Association which hosts the SAE National Amateur Golf Tournament.
  • 17 attended the 72nd Annual John O. Moseley Leadership School from Province Epsilon (13 from FLSI, 3 from ALMU and 1 from ALAM); Joseph Hodnette from ALAM served as an ambassador.
  • ALNU alumni and actives enjoy incredible day of golf at the Fighting Joe Course at The Shoals RTJ on July 21st (see picture above). Mark your calendars now for July 19, 2008 for next year's bigger and better tournament.
  • Seven delegates attended the 151st Anniversary Convention in Washington, DC July 3rd - 8th... Province Epsilon Archon, Dan Gladding; ALMU Delegate, Daniel Cenci; ALAM Delegate, William Cherry; ALAM Alternate, Joseph Hodnette; ALIO Delegate, John Shashy; ALNU Delegate, Beau Whitsett; and FLSI Delegate, Chris Fowler.
  • Florida Sigma realizes dream of new chapter house and lodge which opened on July 1st! Thanks so much for incredible alumni support!
  • Ryan Zougby, ALMU '09, received a $1,000 scholarship award from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation. He received the Ivan Allen Jr. Leadership Award, one of only 46 scholarship awards in the 2007-2008 academic year (and the only one in Province Epsilon), all totalling $69,000, for his leadership in the chapter and community, including a minimum GPA of 3.0 requirement.
  • In a landslide victory on March 7th, R.B. Walker, ALMU '08, was elected president of the Student Government Association at the University of Alabama. He joins 14 other brothers who hold this distinction across the Realm of SAE.
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